Basic Server Rules

  • No hacking, external programs, bug abusing.

  • No account selling/trading with accounts from another server.

  • No spamming, slander or advertisement of another server.

  • No other language (excluding English) is to be used in shouts.

  • No sinning or deathluring at any boss.

  • We are not responsible for anything account related unless our server has been compromised.

  • A few other things you may need to know:

  • This is kalonline. You will find players that swear, insult and have racist comments. We believe this is a part of gaming, but we do not want to see players over abusing it either. Be mature. Do not turn it into harassment.

  • When you see someone hacking, bug abusing, do not shout. Send a message to one of the Admin's in game or discord with the players name, what they are doing, where you saw it happen. The Admin will add them to the watch list. If the player that was reported is caught by Admin himself, the first player who reported them will be rewarded.

  • Trading/selling/using the same login and password from another server/account sharing is at the players own risk. You will receive no Admin support or restoration of anything lost. If you can prove to us that it is your account, you can request that the account be banned or deleted.

  • If you are requesting help from a Admin and are given an answer you are not happy with, do not go up to another GM and ask them the same thing. A Admin's decision is the law and is to be abided by.

  • warnings !

    Spamming in shouts is a banable offense. Spamming is making more then 5 consecutive shouts in a row when using a macro, having a personal conversation in shouts with someone you could easily private message instead, constantly insulting a person/group, useless shouts that have no meaning. Exceptions to this rule are lvl up congrats, guild recruitment, party invite/searching and buying/selling/trading. If the Admin online believes you are abusing this exception, they have the right to treat it as spam. Penalty: 1st warning, 2nd mute, 3rd jail. Repeat offenders will receive a block decided by the Admin.